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GMB Wins for NETs

Dear NETs Members

GMB LAS Union  NETs representative Richard Turnham lead on conversations with the trust to get clarification on the issues NETs members are raising.

1/ Corona positive patients

GMB has agreed with the trust NETs crews will not be sent to covid-19 positive patients. And will only attend suspected covid-19 patients that are deemed NETs suitable.

2/ Training for NETs

GMB has agreed with the trust NETs staff moving to front line on a voluntary basis will undertake a one day familiarisation training.

3/ Tympanic thermometers

GMB has agreed with the trust that staff will be trained on taking patients temperatures this will start with the NETs staff that have volunteered to move to front line and the remainder of NETs staff to follow the trust has ordered 500 tympanic thermometers.

4/ Pay Uplift

GMB has agreed with the trust in recognition that the NETs volunteers that are moving to front line duties will be given an uplift of £12.50 per shift on top of their normal salary and will be back dated to the first shift covered.


GMB Branch would like to thank Richard and all the GMB NETs representatives for being the union that supports NETs staff.

if you are not a member of the largest union for ambulance workers please visit


Posted: 22nd April 2020

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