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GMB WIN for our members!

GMB LAS have patient facing guidance changed!

As we know there has been lots of controversy around the Resus Council (RCUK) considering chest compressions as an AGP and the PHE stating that they are not considered to be.

Following a telephone meeting with the PHE and GMB national leads, the PHE stated that they agreed to disagree with the RCUK on this matter. They did however, acknowledge that the RCUK are experts in the field of resuscitation. So if trusts wished to adhere to their guidance, they were free to do so.

GMB national leads put out this message out to all branches, and we at LAS GMB, formally asked our Medical Director (MD) to change our guidance to reflect this statement. 

Following our correspondence, we are pleased to announce that GMB LAS along with the LAS MD, have had the guidance changed so our PPE levels and the way we undertake chest compressions do encompass the RCUK guidance. 

“There may be rare occasions when a clinician attends a cardiac arrest without FFP3 masks eg a sudden deterioration in the patient’s condition or a running call or within the immediate vicinity and the clinician does not have FFP3 mask/ gown. In this situation an apron and surgical mask should be worn and the clinician should place either an unconnected oxygen mask or surgical mask  and attempt compression only CPR and early defibrillation until an FFP3 fit tested clinician arrives. This is as per Resus Council UK ( ). When further resources arrive they will take over the resuscitation attempt including ventilation. The initial clinician moves more than 2m away from the patient and dons Level 3 PPE before recommencing involvement with the resuscitation attempt. Early use of a defibrillator significantly increases the person’s chances of survival and does not increase risk of infection.”

GMB also have highlighted the difficulties with minimal resources on scene for cardiac arrests, this has also been changed so now there are 4 clinicians to be sent to patients in cardiac arrests.

GMB will always strive to ensure the guidance keeps staff protected!

Posted: 24th April 2020

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