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GMB Wins for NETs

Posted: 22nd April 2020

Dear NETs Members

GMB LAS Union  NETs representative Richard Turnham lead on conversations with the trust to get clarification on the issues NETs members are raising.

1/ Corona positive patients

GMB has agreed with the trust NETs crews will not be sent to covid-19 positive patients. And will only attend suspected covid-19 patients that are…

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Agreement between TASC and GMB

Posted: 14th April 2020

Dear Members,

GMB Union and The Ambulance Staff Charity ( TASC ) share a common interest in the wellbeing of staff working in the ambulance sector.

GMB as the largest union for ambulance workers and has developed a partnership with TASC and supports the work they undertake. An agreement was signed back in 2019 and…

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GMB Guidance on PPE

Posted: 3rd April 2020

Dear Members

GMB LAS Union has continued to raise issues on behalf of our dedicated hard working staff to the management of the London Ambulance NHS Trust on providing adequate PPE for all patient facing rolls.

with our members feedback and support we have been able to get changes made to the ppe guidance


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