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Branch News

Message from Branch President

Posted: 3rd June 2020

Following on from Facebook live (01/06/2020), where the service has announced the reopening of some sub stations across the service, I would like to thank all the reps and branch officers who put a lot of time and effort to put into action what you as our members voiced. Also, we are pleased to announce…

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Posted: 6th May 2020

  • GMB introduced DOORSTEP CHALLENGE to ensure our members were not put at risk!
  • GMB wrote to numerous governing bodies as well as Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock and National IPC Leads to identify the extremely poor quality of the PPE supplied to us to keep us “protected” at work, PHE guidance was altered following this.

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Posted: 5th May 2020

GMB FAQs PAY 04/05/2020

Dear Members and Guest’s

First of all I hope you are keeping safe and well. Please remember GMB is the only LAS union to have an agreement with The Ambulance Staff Charity (TASC) and share a common interest in the wellbeing of staff working in the ambulance sector. TASC support…

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Posted: 28th April 2020

Dear BAME Members,

Today 28Th April 2020 GMB LAS Union has formally asked for BAME staff to be included to the vulnerable and at risk group.

Staff from BAME backgrounds appear to be disproportionately likely to develop severe coronavirus symptoms if they contract the virus.

GMB LAS Union appreciates that there is no national guidance…

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GMB WIN for our members!

Posted: 24th April 2020

GMB LAS have patient facing guidance changed!

As we know there has been lots of controversy around the Resus Council (RCUK) considering chest compressions as an AGP and the PHE stating that they are not considered to be.

Following a telephone meeting with the PHE and GMB national leads, the PHE stated that they agreed…

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