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Issue With Staff Suffering With Diabetes

Dear Members,

The GMB LAS UNION has been informed only of today 10/03/2018 by a 3rd party about an issue that has appeared on LIA about staff with diabetes and driving.

I can confirm this is the only time GMB LAS UNION has been made aware of this issue. And today the Branch Secretary has emailed CEO Garrett Emmerson to ask if this information is correct or not.

The Branch Secretary has been in contact with Director of Operations Paul Woodrow  who will look into this over the weekend and report back to the GMB LAS UNION on Monday.

If any members have concerns over this issue please contact our GMB LAS UNION workplace organiser or Branch Secretary or Branch President.

I will keep you all informed as soon as I have anymore information. I understand that this is a worrying time for certain staff but please be reassured the GMB LAS UNION will do everything to seek clarification about this issue.

Thank you

Clive Tombs
GMB LAS Branch Secretary

Posted: 10th March 2018

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