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Good news for our vast amount of GMB EACs and TEACs

Good news for our vast amount of GMB EACs and TEACs

GMB London Ambulance Service Union has good news on the ongoing campaign to have the EACs job description (JD) re-evaluated.


In January 2019 at the joint staff council GMB ask formally for the EAC job description to be re-evaluated. The London Ambulance service Trust agreed to undertake this work in partnership and set up a task and finish group which GMB representative David Roche attended.

This resulted in a new EAC JD being produced in partnership with GMB, London Ambulance Trust and our sister union. The next stage was that it went to a panel for evaluation.


GMB LAS Branch is delighted to inform our EACs members that the panel evaluated the job description and agreed that the role meets a band 5 criteria.

What does this mean?


LAS management have agreed to transition all EACs into band 5.

EACs will be paid band 5 in their August 2019 pay

Back pay will be included from 1stĀ March 2019, although GMB LAS Union will be writing to the service as we believe that the consultation period started in January 2019.


At this present time the Trust has not given a clear commitment that TEACs whilst in training will receive band 5 payment.

GMB LAS Union has made it clear and we expect TEACs to be included in band 5 during their training period, we have been reassured that we will receive clarification from the Trust on this issue In due course.

Due to some individuals circumstances there may be a small number that will not receive this uplift in August but the Trust has reassured the GMB union that the small number of staff if affected will receive the correct pay and back pay over the coming months.


The Trust has agreed to publish more information over the next few days on this agreement.

GMB LAS Union welcomes this agreement in true partnership working and believes that we are stronger together.

If you are not a member of the largest union for Ambulance workers (GMB) please visitĀ www.GMB.ORG/JOIN

Posted: 18th July 2019

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