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Hi All


I am aware that some of you have been awaiting on a statement from us at the GMB. We have been waiting on LAS senior management to engage with us and answer our questions.

After numerous requests, they have failed to engage or consult with us on any COVID 19 matters.


We wanted to release a statement that would of hopefully answered some of your queries and concerns, but we cannot do this for the above reasons.


Staff council and the subsequent OPF meetings have also been cancelled this week.


We have now written to Khadir and have attached the letter for you all to see, this is to directly address their failure to engage.


In this difficult time, please know that we are working hard to protect the health and safety of our members, patients and families.


Please feel free to contact me directly ( with any concerns.


Charlotte Faulkner

Interim Branch Secretary


*UPDATE* Myself and Branch President Brian Eldridge, are meeting with Athar Khan, Director of Integrated Patient Care on the 19/03/2020. Unfortunately, Khadir did not respond himself.*


Posted: 16th March 2020

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