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Christmas and New Year Message

Firstly I would like to thank you all for your continued support & commitment to GMB (LAS) Branch. The Branch has continued to grow this year thanks to everyone’s hard work.

To say 2014 has been a difficult year for the Service & our Members is a total understatement as you will all know. We have seen unprecedented numbers of staff leaving the Service for various reasons including the ever increasing demand & workload & constant pressures our Members have to work under. The GMB recognises this is not sustainable or acceptable & needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

The GMB are fully committed to working with & negotiating on your behalf with the Service & other NHS bodies to resolve these issues. We will continue to campaign & negotiate as a matter of high importance on:

  • Staffing Levels/Retention of Staff
  • Fair Pay Deals for All Members
  • Make it financially attractive for All staff to stay with LAS (Create a London Package)
  • Improve Work-Life Balance
  • Address & Improve the constant pressures staff are continually working under.(Utilisation)
  • Proper Funding for the Service
  • USH Sick Pay (Annexe E)
  • Address & Improve Staff Morale
  • Address & Improve the unacceptable levels of Stress & Anxiety amongst Staff
  • Privatisation

GMB believe if we do not try and resolve these issues the Service will continue to go from one crisis to another. We need to take the initiative & jointly agree a way forward, a plan to retain & reward good & loyal staffs that are presently leaving our Service. We need to recognise working in the London Ambulance Service is unique & the associated stress, pressures, cost of living impacts on staff.

GMB (LAS) Branch encouraged & supported by you our Members in solidarity, remain positive that we can improve & secure a better future for our Service & you our Members. The Service must work together with the GMB & all parties involved, in the true spirit of Partnership Working to achieve a workplace environment where Staff feel valued & appreciated & are listened too & supported. A NHS London Ambulance Service that performs & provides an excellent service to the public of London & is properly funded, for Members to continue to be happy to work as part of the NHS our NHS we are proud off.

All Members will be kept fully up to date with developments on these & other on-going issues regularly throughout the year.

Finally I would like to wish You All & Your Family & Friends a Happy Christmas & Healthy & Prosperous New Year.

All the best

Mick Butler

GMB (LAS) Branch Secretary

Posted: 5th January 2015

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